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E-Speech Cafe

Online bilingual speech therapy
for adults and children.

Online bilingual training for speech therapist clinicians.


E-Speech Cafe

Online speech therapy.

What I treat

Online speech therapy services from the comfort of your home.

Speech delay/



fluency disorders



Language disorders

Transgender voice

Executive functioning

Accent modification

Social skills

Emotional regulation



Aphasia & stroke rehabilitation

Motor speech disorders


E-Services for


E-Services for Children


E-Spanish Classes for Speech Therapists
Therapy Sessions
My Approach

I base our therapy on your strengths. I have a great deal of empathy for my clients who struggle with communication in one form or another. My goal is to create a comfortable space where my clients can become confident and empowered communicators. 

About Me

Hi, my name is Catherine! I’m an experienced bilingual speech language pathologist who is passionate about providing holistic care that is culturally responsive and specifically tailored to the individual needs of my clients and their families. I’ve provided therapy in Spanish and English to help my clients improve their voice, articulation, executive functioning skills for stroke rehabilitation, language for early intervention, social skills, and much more.

Catherine Walters is such a UNIQUE speech therapist. At the beginning of our sessions, my son felt at ease because of her charismatic, energetic, and patient nature. We first met Catherine when my son was four years old, and she worked with him for approximately four years. As a parent, I can confidently say that she not only teaches our children but also helps us guide them to make the most of each session to achieve their expected goals. She has taught me valuable techniques, tips, and advice to better assist my son in understanding concepts tailored to his specific needs. Catherine is more than just a therapist for our family; she is someone who has made a significant contribution to our son’s future, particularly in education, socialization, and fostering a stronger sense of self-efficacy and motivation. We consider ourselves blessed to have had Catherine as our son's speech therapist. Thank you, Catherine, for giving us encouragement during those troubling times!

Mother of client with langage disorder

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