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My Approach

I use a strength-based model to help my clients achieve their highest communication goals. Whether my clients want to speak with more clarity at business meetings, learn friend-making skills at school, or be able to make requests at home following a stroke, I tailor intervention to your specific needs. 


I’m passionate about using technology in a new, holistic way that supports “off-screen” communication skills that clients can use in their daily lives. I’ve successfully worked with adults, children, and babies using the teletherapy platform. As an artist and speech therapist, I enjoy incorporating visual arts, music, dance, and movement with clients. During early intervention therapy, I do significant parent and family coaching via teletherapy to teach caregivers activities they can use at home to enhance speech and language. 


The beauty of teletherapy is that lessons can now be taken into natural settings where clients want to improve their skills. We can work in your kitchen to practice food vocabulary or your home office where you plan to give a presentation to colleagues using smooth speech strategies you learned with me. 

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