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Online Speech Therapy for Children.


One-on-one virtual sessions for children of all ages to become confident communicators. 

Contact me to schedule your free 20 minute consultation from the comfort of your home.


Virtual speech therapy works for all ages, from infants to teens.

Cute Baby Crawling


Virtual early intervention is family-centered and play-based. Parents and family members are taught strategies to enhance communication with their young ones, using teletherapy to bring practice at home. We use song, toys and books at home, food, paint, bubbles, and lots of face-to-face play to help birth to three clients become better communicators.

Smiling Teens


Virtual therapy for children is much like intervention that is face-to-face. We practice speech and language skills using individualized goals based on your child's needs in the community, at school, and at home. Therapy continues to be family-centered, as to create additional learning support at home. I use a variety of online material in addition to activities that involve movement and artistic expression at home to engage my clients for success.

Girl's Softball Team Members


Virtual therapy for teens involves a person-centered model, depending on the client's specific needs. We work on enhancing communication and self-advocacy at home, at school, and in the community. Therapy is designed to empower clients to use speech and language skills to achieve academic success, improve relationships with peers, and to gain independence in the real world.


Initial 20 minute consultation: Free
25 minute therapy session: $75
50 minute therapy session: $150
Evaluation: $175
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